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Back to School with A Best Seller and a Great Deal

So many times wrong answers can be the result of simply not reading the problem carefully. A sweet student who finished our state online test in math in eleven minutes (Yep, exactly the time it takes to click on an answer and switch screens.) prompted me to develop a system for training kids to look more closely at math word problems.

My Math Close Reads work so well as a guide for individual students or groups solving word problems. It's been a top seller in my TpT store since the first week it was posted!

Making the strategies we use in ELA activities part of our daily practice in math really helped my students to raise the bar on their test scores. This resource is scaffolded so you can use it with any level of learner in your class, with students when you coach them one to one or in focus groups, and for independent learners to prompt discussion and thinking aloud about the way they solve word problems.

I have taken this top seller and added it to a growing bundle of scaffolded close reads. This bundle will be part of the TpT sale this week, discounted 28%, counting my discount of 20% and TpT's additional 10%. This is a discount on top of its already discounted bundle price! Purchase of this bundle entitles you to download it again and again as new Close Read resources are added!

I hope you'll consider adding one of these two great items to your cart this week as we all LOVE Back to School time together!

I just discovered a brand new shop on TpT, and found this amazing resource perfect for getting to know you and team building activities as you get started! Wild Child Designs! First, I love the name!
Definitely worth browsing! Here's the one that caught my teacher eye:

Happy shopping, and have a great year!

Be sure to stop by and check out some more top picks for the new school year on our back to school linky party!

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  1. Thank you for linking up! You have some great resources that will make a lot of teachers happy!