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A Great Deal for the New School Year

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Memories of Lessons Learned

     It all started at the end of the school year. My students were helping me take down our posters and displays, and they were clamoring for the quote posters that were hanging over my desk.

      I have quoted Maya Angelou to my students for more years than I can remember.  Her unique perspective on life has so often described to perfection exactly what I was trying to encourage in my students.  Just about anyone who has ever spent time in my classroom, upon hearing, "When you know better..." will respond with, "You do better!"  This year, I made some colorful posters of some of her wisdom to share on the bulletin board above my desk, to inspire my students and myself.  The huge demand for those posters in particular took me by surprise as I divvied up the memories with my kids during the biggest cleanup of all! I retired at the end of this year, so everything was up for grabs!     

      I couldn’t decide how to fairly share the posters. I could place them in my end of year auction, I could pull student names or numbers at random, or…. Wait! I had an idea! I would make all of the Maya Angelou quotes (the most popular) into miniposters. I came home and got to work. Since there were three Angelou quotes on the board, I added a fourth and this product was born!

      I was so excited to share the miniposters with all who wanted them to display in their bedrooms or scrapbooks. While printing the posters, I remembered that I needed thank you notes for all of the end of year teacher gifts that I had received, and decided to make note cards out of my favorite quote.

      Then I started to think that all of the quotes would make great note cards to use throughout the year to let a student know that a change in attitude or behavior, an act of kindness, or reaching for a goal was noticed. This is how my little overnight miniposter project grew to include full size posters, miniposters, and notecards, both printed and blank, in full color and grayscale.

      I hope you will love sharing this resource with your class as much as I have loved sharing it with mine!  For a FREE sample of this newest resource from Rainbow City Learning, click here:

Maya Angelou Miniposters

     As you prepare for a bright and shiny new school year, click here to add the full resource to your toolkit:

 Maya Angelou Notes, Quotes, Posters, and Cards

For more free ideas as you stock up this summer weekend, click here!
The Primary Gal

And teachers, remember that you are always a rainbow in someone's cloud!

A Rock Star Finish

      It was a star-studded week during the final week of class in Rainbow City! Rock Star Students walked the red carpet to receive praise for a job well done! Rock Star Students are those who live up their promise in academics and behavior every day in school. I used my Rock Star Student Reward Cards all year in class to reinforce the positive behaviors that lead to success as a student. Students collected these cute little cards on a special page in their data folders.
    As the year wound down, it was time to reward students with a red carpet event! The total rock stars who earned every card, spelling out ROCK STAR, received handmade trophy awards, while every student in my class received a certificate and a compliment card. It wasn’t hard to think of a reason to recognize every student in my class this year.

    Here’s how I did it:

    To prep for the big event:
      *Purchased balloon weights and star wire garlands (available in  
       craft stores, dollar stores, and card shops).      
    *I printed, laminated, and cut the star awards.
       *I Cut one garland of star wire into nine inch lengths for each 
        award. Next I twisted each strand around the top of
        the balloon weight and attached the star award to the star  
        wire with clear tape.
       * I printed and personalized a certificate for every child in my 
       * I printed and cut apart a class set of compliment fan cards.
      On the big day:
    I had each student in my class randomly select another student  
       to write a compliment fan card for.
    To get the party started:
        *Decided to forgo snacks for this one because kids were already
         getting sugared up by all the other extracurricular clubs and 
         summer birthday kids offering ice cream, pizza, cookies,  
         cupcakes, and candy.

     *I rolled out the red carpet! (I used red roll craft paper. Fabric  
        can also be used.)
      *I first called each Rock Star Student in turn to walk the red   
       carpet and receive an award and a certificate. I made a short
       impromptu speech about something specific that makes this
       student a rock star and then had the holder of the compliment card
       for that student add their sweet comment.
      *Snapped a picture of the awardee to send to parents.
      *Awarded certificates and compliment cards to all remaining  
       students. Everyone had at least one shining
        moment to recall!

    It was a perfect finish to a close to perfect year! My students really were motivated to work for those Rock Star Student cards all year, and our reward ceremony provided the grand finale. I am so excited to share the awards resource with you for free this weekend, and hope you will take a look at my Rock Star Students Resource as you stock up for the new school year ahead!

                                          Click to get your free Awards resource!          

                         To get a head start on next year's positive behavior plan, Click here:

                                                  Rock Star Students

Rock on, teachers!