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Getting the Most out of the TpT Cyber Sale

It's Cyber Sale time again, teachers! I'm sure that your inboxes are full, as mine are, with extended Black Friday and upcoming Cyber Sale notices from every store and online business in the world!

As a little time saver, I'd like to suggest some ways that you can maximize your TpT shopping with a few suggested purchases from Rainbow City Learning. To bring out the best in your third through fifth grade students and set your course for the rest of the 2017-18 school year, here are a few resources to look at. (See my resources for littles at the end of this post!)

Classroom Community
We all know that no one learns anything until they feel secure, safe, and accepted. Every student needs to know that their voice is heard, and that their opinions matter. To build your classroom community, which we all know sets the stage for everything you are teaching and hoping will stick, I know you will love these resources!


Early Finishers
We always had a saying in my Rainbow City classroom: "You are never done!" Try some of these ideas to keep the learning alive from the moment your students walk through the door in the morning until they leave at the end of a successful school day!


Chill Out
Everyone needs a break at certain points during the day. Try these brain break ideas for a calmer, more relaxed learning environment!


Managing the Pop up Monster Behaviors
Monster behaviors can raise their ugly heads even among the most well-behaved students if the group mood melts into chaos. Stay a step or two ahead by trying some of these!


Rock the Tests, Data Collection, and Your Observations
Why not try these to take the boring out of test prep and to be well prepared for your own evaluations?

Build Respect 
Take your students beyond a mindset that all the world and everyone around them celebrates the season in the same way they do. Add a little diversity to your lessons about celebrating the winter holidays with these!


Bundle Up!
Take advantage of sale  pricing on these bundled favorites!


Just for Littles!
Here are some resources created for K-2, based on specific teacher requests!


I hope you've found an idea or two here to take you through the winter and beyond! Rainbow City Learning will be on sale for 20% off everything, including bundles! To earn an extra 5% off, remember to use the code CYBER17 at checkout.

For an extra $10.00 gift card to spend at TpT during the two day sale or beyond, be sure to comment below with the best purchase you've made at Rainbow City Learning and why you love and recommend it to others!  To qualify, be sure to leave feedback on the purchase page and let me know your purchaser name. The winner will be announced here at the end of this post on Monday night at 11:00 EST.)
Never purchased anything at RCL? Well, what are you waiting for? Monday sale purchases will qualify! Free downloads will not qualify for the gift card.

Happy Shopping!

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