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One Word Resolution

 A new linky and a new idea just caught my eye: The One Word Resolution. Just.One.Word.  Sounds doable! No more lists and checklists of soon to be forgotten lofty goals. I think I can do this!

My word: BREATHE!  That's it.

The secret to long life: Just keep breathing!
The key to controlling impulsive decisions (my downfall!): Take a deep breath, stand back, and think.
The best stress reducer: Deep calming yoga breaths.
The way to more easily get through a long or challenging assignment: Give yourself a breather and
       come back to it later, feeling refreshed.

Just breathe.....

Yep, that's how I'll be entering 2015. Breathing my way through it all.


  1. Yoga breaths! Love it! I do them with my students when we are about to go into the hallway and everyone says they are so calm and quiet. What a great bit of advice to focus on breathing. =)

  2. Hi Retta! I like the breathe idea, too. I also love rainbows! Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks, Susan! Happy New Year to you too!