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Recipes for the Holiday Season

My family is taking another break this year from our annual Thanksgiving reunion. The pandemic sidetracked our celebration, and this year we just couldn't get it together in time. No recipes were needed for this particular holiday, as we had it catered in a hotel ballroom in the town where we all grew up. We will be Zooming for another year, and hubby and I are planning what to cook for just the two of us. 

My insomnia, aided by the helpful blog fairies, has my brain spinning this morning with recipes of all sorts: recipes for each of the upcoming holidays this year, recipes for self care, and recipes for a happy and successful classroom. I'm also in search today of ingredients for my newest kitchen passion, Korean cooking. Looking for bean paste and chili crisps for some culinary fun before turkey prep begins in earnest!

I love love love to cook! Adding that as a fun ingredient used to be an integral part of my classroom. The rise of peanut allergies and warnings about viruses put an end to that. Any good cook knows that ingredients can be subbed out and that recipes can still be shared with students and their families to be tried at home. I coauthored a book with my forever friend Fay, and we used to cook up a storm in sessions at conferences. Our lesson plan recipes  combined Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, and Math long before anyone had ever heard of STEM, STEAM, or STREAM! Maybe you attended one of our packed sessions! It was a fun time! 

Here are a few recipes to get you through the holiday season with your energy, humor, and love of family and teaching intact!

A recipe for teacher self care:
  • Gather up a few hobbies or things that you just enjoy doing, and deliberately put them into your schedule. I would choose reading and knitting. give them a value of one hour or 30 minutes each day, and make them as important as a doctor's appointment. They ARE as important!
  • Spend some time with friends. Lunch or coffee, shopping, long walks,  whatever you enjoy doing together. Again, give it a spot on the schedule and honor its value.
  • Add a new practice to your self-care routine: yoga, meditation, bubble baths, audiobooks or podcasts. Find a quiet, inward-facing thing that you like to do.
Some recipes to use this holiday season:

A recipe for a Calm and Successful Classroom:

Try these resources from Rainbow City Learning.

ZEN CLASSROOM              

Wishing you a peaceful, calm, and fun holiday season! 

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  1. I always love trying new recipes although I might forgo the eggplant one!

  2. Wonderful recipes for this time of the year! thanks for sharing!