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My Favorite Things

Found a fun linky this morning and decided to join in the fun! Thanks, Southern Fried Teachin'! 

1. My favorite holiday song has always been "Little Drummer Boy". I love visualizing that biblical scene as the song plays. My favorite version is Bob Seger's. (Probably a little weird!)

2. Favorite holiday guilty pleasure food? Peppermint Bark! I even tried learning to make it, but it just doesn't taste the same unless the snow is slowly sifting to the ground outside as I crunch down on it!

3. My favorite holiday tradition is wrapping gifts. I dread all the shopping and deciding, but love the quiet time at home when I can get creative with wrapping papers, ribbons, and star wire!

4. My favorite holiday book is "My House Has Stars". It is a great reminder that even diversity can show wu show much we all really have in common. So many of the holidays celebrated by different faiths this time of year have the same values associated with them.

5. My favorite holiday act of kindness is to "adopt" a family in need. Finding a family in my community to help with buying Christmas gifts, clothing, or even with some grocery gift cards or electric company bill credits makes my holiday complete each year.

6. My favorite holiday memory is opening gifts with my children when they were small. We always tried to add a few surprises among the ones they had requested, and I loved watching their eyes when they unwrapped those surprises!

7. My favorite holiday gift as a child was a turquoise transistor radio. (REALLY dates me, but the truth!) That radio and I were forever after inseparable, kinda like me and my iPhone now!

8. My favorite holiday craft is baking cookies. I love adding frosting and decorations to them!

9. My favorite holiday movie is "It's a Wonderful Life". All actors to this day must measure up to Jimmy Stewart for me to enjoy their performances. Nicholas Cage often comes close to Jimmy's performance.

10. I like to shop online for holiday gifts. No parking issues, no crowded stores, and I can do it in my pjs! Aaaaaahhhh.....

11. I would love for Santa to bring Peace to all of us on Earth this year. Without Peace, all other gifts are meaningless. 

12. My favorite product to use throughout the year, to fire kids' imaginations, give them so many uses for building sets they may have received for the holidays along with tons of recyclables, and to consistently answer the question of "I'm done. What do I do now?" is my Maker Place Start Up Kit. I hope you'll check it out!

May all of your holiday wishes this year come true! Sending love and light to you from Rainbow City Learning!


  1. Howdy Retta! So glad you linked up! I totally forgot about online shopping. I love Amazon! And peppermint bark is yummy.
    Southern Fried Teachin’

  2. I love the Little Drummer Boy too! I love how even if we have nothing to give, we can share our talents! :)

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  4. I love peppermint bark, it's fun to make too! The Little Ladybug Shop

  5. RETTA, my friend! WE ARE KINDRED SPIRTIS! "It's A Wonderful Life" is also my all-time favorite!